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IMG_0109It’s time to put down the electronics, go outside and BE ACTIVE!

Aces and Birdies now offers golf and tennis lessons for preschool and elementary-aged children. Our professional coaching staff focuses on the basics of each sport while promoting honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship. You might say, our coaches are the ACES up our sleeve!

Just imagine your child experiencing the thrill that comes from serving their first ace, or the joy of hitting their first perfect golf shot! At Aces and Birdies, you don’t have be a star athlete in order to play. We help children find the confidence they need by competing with others at similar skill levels. Our young athletes can also look forward to making a whole bunch of new friends in the process.

We make it as convenient as possible for parents by providing all the necessary equipment so it’s literally a plug-and-play system! We facilitate the process by sending our coaches to multiple locations around town. It’s easy to locate the best time and location that fits your family’s schedule on our registration page where you can pay for classes in advance. Our classes fill up fast, so remember to register your child early.

Aces and Birdies lays a firm foundation for developing tennis and golf skills in children at an early age. If these building blocks are learned early enough in life, who knows, it could lead to a future scholarship or perhaps even Olympic gold! At the very least, you’ll see a huge smile from ear to ear! We teach kids the importance of an active lifestyle, and give them a hobby, something to truly call ‘their own,’ Our students learn leadership and organizational skills while having fun outdoors. Our goal is to provide the right tools that will stay with them forever. Remember, our motto is: Teaching Kids Lifelong Sports!

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